Confetti – Purple Reign (My Lucky Ravens Mani!)

When I saw the name of this polish, I decided it was a great polish for the Raven’s season, and what better game to try it out than the season opener against Pitt! It’s a little more plum than true Ravens purple, but with a little Baltimore nail art added, it does the job quite nicely 🙂

I usually don’t like highly pigmented jelly formulas, but this one was actually really easy to control. 2 coats for solid color, but I did 3 and it went just a hint darker which, for it’s purpose, was more ideal. The one thing I would warn is be careful with your clean up; your gap can go from ideal to massive in one swipe do to the jelly formula. The B was done with Sinful Colors – Flower Girl (a handy nail art color which just so happens to be on sale this week at Walgreens!) and a Claire’s black nail art pen. This picture was taken at a local sports bar because I have become shameless in where I will take photos haha. Got a couple strange looks from the dudes at the bar, but they were watching the Lions game, so obviously I didn’t worry too much about their judgment of me 😛

Judging by the outcome of today’s game I have high hopes for this being a lucky Raven’s mani! I mean, look at this awesomesauce:

Definitely chose the right team, haha. Can’t wait until I can get to a game with Sandy! I would totally rock this nail polish, haha. Might even attempt to draw the Ravens logo for that event 😛

Couple more shots of the color under different lighting after the jump!

❤ Jess


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  1. Nice job! One question tho… Why are you going to FedEx Field?

  2. Because I’m slightly retarded and forgot to fact check at 1am…. oops haha. #newb

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