Happy Birthday Gambit!! (And Congrats to Vista :P )

For those that don’t know, I have an amazing dog. He’s a 7lb papillon and his name is Gambit<3 (yes, after the xmen character) He’s pretty much the most hilarious/awesome/adorable dog ever and I have no idea how I got so lucky as to be his mama haha. I do agility with him and he’s a show dog too (currently on hiatus because of an unfortunate groomer incident… he lost all his long show quality hair 😦  he’s still perfect in my eyes, but not in the kennel club’s…). He’s unbelievably smart, I swear his brain is bigger than dogs 8 times his size :P. He’s my partner in crime and can pretty much make anyone’s day… and yesterday he turned 2!!!

To celebrate, I tried out a mani that Sandy had been bugging me to do… an agility themed one. Now… here’s how the first one turned out….

It’s a jump, tire, a-frame, jump and on the thumb is a paw print. I felt a little like a grade school art project with it on, haha, so I decided I’d work on this concept on a later date and went with this one:

This version turned out to be perfect for today’s rainy weather, andddd even more perfect because my aunt’s Belgian Tervuren “Vista” got her UKC Championship today wahoooo!! (pictured is Hottie, who is a UKC altered – aka spayed – champion in the same breed!) We both love our dogs for so much more, but it’s nice to hear they’re pretty too haha.

I did attempt a mini photo shoot with Gambit when I had on the agility mani, and the results were hilarious. To see it, and read my how to on my muddy paw prints mani, hit the jump!!

❤ Jess

Please excuse the errors apparent in the macro shot. I actually added the paw prints AT the dog show, haha, so a couple had to be touched up. It doesn’t blatantly show in casually looking at my hand, so I decided not to go all OCD about it.

1 coat Seche Rebuild

2 coats Sinful Colors – Open Seas

1 coat Seche Vite

paw prints: Essie – Demure Vixen (I used my L’Oreal dotting tool. The big dots are actually from the top of the handle, the smaller ones are from the “real” dotting end.

Male model, my dog is not hahaha. Ohhh my silly little man ;P (the 3rd one is my fave. Pretty much sums up how he felt about the whole situation!)


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