Wet N Wild Craze- Shield

As someone who prefers silver over gold, I find it weird that I am really drawn to a lot of the gold polishes that are out right now. As we tweeted on Saturday, CVS is currently running a BOGOFREE deal on Wet N Wild cosmetics and nail products. I initially went in looking for several other colors, but came out with Shield and Under Your Spell. I absolutely LOVE Shield. At $1.99, this is the least expensive gold I own, which means it’s probably the gold that will be used as bases for nail art.

I Used:
3 coats Wet N Wild Craze- Shield

As with many of the Wet N Wilds in this line, the formula is a bit thin and requires three coats to be fully opaque. However, I quite liked how it looked with two coats. It was a nice subtle shimmer where as three coats is a very obviously gold manicure. The shimmery finish is amazing. I thought this may have been a dupe for Orly’s Luxe, but that has more of a yellow undertone, while this has more of a greenish-brown undertone. But I think it looks great on my skin tone, and I can’t wait to wear this. I think it’ll make a great holiday season polish.

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with Flash


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