R-O-C-K in the U.S.A!

For my USA mani, I decided to go a little abstract with the red white and blue. And surprisingly, this means I went all classy on this theme!

I toyed with a couple designs before settling on this one and this made me feel like I just stepped out of a salon, so I went with it 😀 The dusty blue of Mattese Elite Vig made me think of a that vintage/classic patriotic look, so I went with that for my color scheme. I do LOVE Vig on it’s own, but I’m also loving how adaptable it is! Sally Hansen’s Red Carpet is the red glitter stripe, Sinful Colors’ Fashionista is the silver, and Revlon’s Coconut Crush was what I used for the dots. Coconut crush is SUPER scented, I haven’t been brave enough to use it for more than dots yet haha. (Shout out to Mel for finding me the dotting tool though! Loves it!!)

I did go with a little different design on the thumbs. It was another one from my trial hand.  Since my left thumb had a tragic accident this past week and got a crack below the quick so I had to cut it suuuppppeeerrr short :(, I liked how this design looks better on it’s proportions. I loved this mani enough to wear it for two full days, and it might have made it the whole weekend if I hadn’t gone to the peach festival in Romeo, MI yesterday and wanted a themed mani for it haha. The design was actually pretty easy to do on both hands. A major plus!

Along with my sample hand, there is also a swatch of Vig with Ulta’s After Party post-jump. I had done it just before I took off Vig during mob week to see what it looked like and thought I’d share for those who wanted a simple patriotic fix 😉

❤ Jess

PS – Yeah, I was raised on John Cougar Mellencamp, what of it? I also may or may not have a mini JCM youtube-fest directly after typing that title haha…  But really, who doesn’t wish Mellencamp’s sweet dance moves in Crumblin’ Down were still socially acceptable? 😛

I just played with designs, doing whatever I randomly felt like on each nail. I had considered going with a different look on each nail, but I liked the ring finger so much it won over the whole mani 🙂

I picked up Ulta – After Party about 2 weeks ago, and when I was adding it to my excel sheet of polishes I still had on Vig and thought it would look good together.  After Party is a red and silver fine glitter, so it plus a blue = instant patriotism! 😛


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