Confetti- Paradise Pink

Aahhhh, I love technology. My laptop is in the other room, and my picture isn’t download onto my iPad, so I’ll just blog from bed on my phone on this fine Sunday morning. No big deal.


I used:
1coat Orly Nail Defense
3coats Confetti Pink Paradise
1coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top coat

Paradise Pink is right up my street. It’s a pale pale almost white pink. I did this manicure the day I got back from the lake and my weekend of swatching. I wanted a break from bold colors, and had a meeting at work the next morning, so I decided to use this. As you can see, even after 3 coats there’s still a VNL, but in the polish’s defense, I have really white nails most of the time and you can’t actually see the VNL in most lighting situations. Perhaps this wasn’t the best polish to use on the day because, as you can see, my nails are still stained green from a particular polish used in my swatchathon and this polish didn’t do a very good job hiding that. But I really liked this polish, especially at $1.99. It’s a great formula, doesn’t streak or leave bald spots (without user error), and has a great shine on the finish, even without the SV top coat. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite nude, but I really like, and it will get plenty of use.


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  1. Confetti polishes are awesome for the price, especially this pale pink.

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