Milani – 3D Holographic: Hi-Res

I have yet to be disappointed in a Milani polish; as is the case with Hi-Res, they usually exceed my expectations. This purple holo is absolutely GORGEOUS. The pictures will really have to do the talking for this post!! It’s subtle enough that I’d wear it in a professional setting, the fact that it’s a pure holo gives it a little more of a smooth classiness than some of my high intensity holo glitters. It’s also bold enough to catch your eye and make you stare at your fingers I think it’s going to be my favorite day to night polish!

I had been dying to try out my Sinful Colors Verbena, so I decided to an accent nail in a way I hadn’t really done before. Instead of my ring finger being the one to pack the glittery, shimmery punch, it was the reserved solid color. It actually felt a little weird at first haha. I had to resist putting nail art on it for the first few hours, but it grew on me. And Verbena is simply a stunning color, why mess with it? haha.

To see Hi-Res in other lighting and a macro shot, click to read more!


1 coat Seche Rebuild

2 coats Milani – Hi-Res

2 coats Sinful Colors – Verbena

1 coat Seche Vite

this was back when my Snapdragons were just starting to bloom... expect more pics of their prettiness in upcoming posts! haha


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  1. A) I want this.
    B) this may sound weird and creepy, but Im jealous of your thumb nail shape. Mine is all wide and fat and crap, your’s is nicely shaped.

  2. Your jealousy won’t last long 😦 I had an incident this week and it broke to below the quick…. My USA mani will not have such a pretty thumb… I suppose it’ll grow back eventually…

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