Essie- Lady Like

Here’s how I acquired Essie Lady Like. After having seen the entire Fall 2011 line from Essie, I was really only interested in Carry On and Power Clutch. So I bought them. But then, having seen more and more swatches of Lady Like, the more I seemed to like it. And Sandy, knowing that I am the nudist around here (teehee) was my enabler. But when I went to go look at more swatches to make sure I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly wanted Lady Like, I started to wonder if Glamour Purse might look better with my skin tone. After much deliberation… I bought both.

I Used:
1 coat China Glaze Ridge Filler (review coming soon)
2 coats Essie Lady Like (yes! only two!!)

Click for a review, and a couple more pictures!

I’m glad Sandy practically guilted me into buying Lady Like because I LOVE IT. In this picture, my thumb isn’t actually painted because I was only planning to swatch a bit because I was bored. Instead, I ended up doing a full manicure. Tomorrow night can be my “let the nails breathe” night. This is a true nude on me. It’s almost the same color as my skin tone. In actuality, it’s a verrrrrrrrrrrrry pale rose pink. This is great for those days where you (gasp!) don’t have a color that will match an outfit, or your outfit is so colorful you’re nails need to be sedate. Or sometimes, you just want to fly below the radar with your tips. And for an Essie, the formula is muy bueno! It’s only needs 2 coats to be fully opaque, and it’s isn’t too thick. This made for really easy clean up, something that doesn’t normally happen for me. In the picture, I don’t have a top coat since this was originally only going to be a swatch, but the Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat gives it a little extra shine on top of the already moderately shiny finish.



To give a better idea of how it looks from a distance (taken zoomed in on a mirror in my bathroom 😛


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  1. yay, I’m glad you like it, or else I would have never heard the end of it. Haha I knew it’d be good though! And it looks fab on you, nice polish job too!!

  2. I need to get this! Too pretty.

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