CRIBS – Varnish Clique Edition: Sandy!!

So obviously we save the best for last around here (lol). Just kidding, I already conceded to Jess that she has the best space.  I mean I can’t beat those shelves!  But whatever, this is my space- the room I do most of my nail polishing.  I love it, because it’s me and it’s also my home office where I am lucky enough to work from home most days.

This is the best place for when I just want to hang out and/or be alone and do work.  I’m right next to the window which is the window lighting you see in most of my pictures.  I usually raise the blind all the way up for more light when I actually take the picture. And when I’m not taking pictures, I keep the blinds lowered at that point pictured for privacy because it provides a good amount of day light without brightening the room too much.

5 things I’m picking out of this corner space  to tell you more about myself:

1. Ray Lewis is the man.  I’m a huge Ravens fan (as if you couldn’t already tell) and Ray Lewis is god.   He was one of the original Ravens drafted when the Ravens were first starting out in Baltimore, and he’s just the best player ever.  Words can’t express the feelings I have for this man, amazing football player, leader, and a Raven through and through.  Moreover, I met him once at Ravens training camp, marking one of the best days of my entire life.

2. I got these fold up cheapie speakers from a security conference I attended and I love how they don’t take up much space and the fact that they have a little pocket in the front for my hair elastic ties! I swear, I constantly need a hair tie and I somehow lose them all- and this allows me to have a bunch in one place so I have one handy whenever I need one.

3. I don’t use these nearly as often as I should but my fitness is ALWAYS a work in progress and these hand grippers are pretty neat.  For one, they always present a challenge to me (I guess I’m weak) but it’s a great way to squeeze in some reps if I need to while I’m on a conference call or watching some training video (remember I also do legit work in this space).  Oh and they were cheap at Target.. like $6 for  a pair!

4. In the corner, that plastic flap (barely pictured) is my part of Cricut machine.  It makes paper diecut things… I am in loooove with it even though I don’t scrapbook. I’ve made a few cards with it and I just love how it’s allowed me to channel my creativity in other ways.  I’m gonna try to use it for some of my nail designs but that remains to be seen.

5. I have two computers… a personal Dell laptop with 21″ Dell Monitor for multi tasking and photo-editing purposes (yes I’m the equipped picture nazi of the group) and a Macbook Pro for work.  I didn’t like Macs because I thought they were overpriced but because I didn’t have to pay for it, I have this one, and I really like it!  I’m a total convert now, I even have an iPad.  It’s really crazy for me, but the products are pretty, high quality, and they work – so I guess they’re worth it? lol

So there you have it. I also have a Helmer in the other corner of the room for all my polishes and nail care so they’re all easily accessible as well.  I just love how versatile this space is… it’s a a craft room, my work space, as well as a nail and nail blogging sanctuary 🙂


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