CRIBS – Varnish Clique Edition: Jess!!

Some people have craft rooms, I have a one chair nail salon haha. This right there should tell you a bit about me, although, no lie, I’d totally have a craft room too if I could! (like my nail art wasn’t a tip off of that fact :P) Since you readers see so much of our manicures, we thought we’d let you into where the magic happens for each of us and in the process let you get to know a bit about each of us. We’re each going to pick 5 things in our photo and tell you a little about ourselves through them!

My room is kinda small, and so is my aunt’s house, so my room gets a little cramped with all of my stuff. But, I try at all costs to keep this area as my little safe haven. It’s where I unwind, get creative, and spend time catching up with friends back home 🙂

1) See that teddy bear? Yeah, totally not a relic from childhood haha. He’s from an adventure with Mel to Dave and Buster’s one night when we were 21. His name is Leif Erikson (think about it for a few, and remember we were drunk, then it’s worth a little chuckle haha) and I have absolutely no shame in having him out on permanent display.  It’s a memento of youth, good times, and good friends… and he just makes me laugh haha.

2) That little blue picture box has pictures of my paternal Grandpa’s house on the sides of it. My Grandpa lives in Newfoundland and my Dad was Canadian until he got naturalized when I was 13, so both Newfie and Canada hold a special place in my heart ❤  I also have a tattoo of a maple leaf on the inside of my right ankle to remind me of that side of the family (don’t get me started on tattoos… I only have 2 now, but I love them and have plans for more!) I don’t get up there as often as I’d like, but I have really fond memories of every time I’ve been.

For 3-5, plus more pictures of my corner, hit the jump!

❤ Jess

3) The picture in the middle there is an Old Time Photo of  my grandma, my mom, my 2 aunts, and me as a kid. My family likes to joke it’s the madame, the working girls, and the little mistake hahaha. I find this to be an amazing family portrait 😉

4) If you look closely in the photo above, or click on it to enlarge it, you’ll see a barbie chair on the 3rd shelf. It’s purple and has tassels. My friend Chris made the mistake of asking me to go furniture hunting for his new apartment while I was out yardsale-ing one day. At the time he was in PA and his new apartment is in Syracuse, NY. I’m not really sure what he expected me to get him in MI, but rest assured, when I visit his new pad, he will be getting this sweet new desk chair, and he WILL be forced to display it haha.

5) I may not travel as much as some *coughMelissacough* but I’ve been a few places in my time haha. On the top shelf is a mini collection of tokens from places I’ve been. The water bottle is from Philmont, a boyscout backpacking ranch in NM where I both hiked and worked (venture crew is co-ed haha, I was not a boy in a former life! I swear!). I spent a summer living in a canvas tent on the side of a mountain surrounded by 2,000 acres of unmarred wilderness, chasing away bears (literally!!) and teaching scouts to love the outdoors.  Beside the water bottle is also a paperweight from DC with the Capital Building and Washington Monument in it, it helps remind me to get back to home too… that is when Sandy isn’t playing the part of “Get Jess Back to MD” club president 😛

So there’s your peek into la vida de Jess! Here’s a couple more pics of my corner, including some close ups of my shelves (aren’t they fab??).  Stay tuned for insight on Mel and Sandy!!


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  1. Your shelves kind of rock!

  2. For reals yo! I want them for my place. Not for my polish, but they’d be BANGIN’ for my shotglass collection! #keepinitclassy

    Where can I get them?

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