Mob Week: Mattese Elite – Vig

Vig (short for Vigorish) in simple terms is the bookie’s take on a bet. In more in depth terms, well, look it up on Wiki because it’s a whole lotta math and numbers haha.

What caught my eye (besides this polish!) was that having this color related to a Loan Shark concept was totally brilliant 🙂 It’s really got a powerful feel, and being blue, come on, like that didn’t make you go “hah, amusing”  haha.

When I say strong blue, I mean more of a empowering blue, if that makes sense. You just kinda feel bad ass with it on. Pictures don’t quite capture it, although my macro shot at the end of the post gets close. It’s got some gray and a bit of teal undertones, and the total effect is one where I just couldn’t mess with it! No glitter accent, no nail art, just gorgeous Vig! Also, kudos to Mattese Elite, IT’S A ONE COATER! If you check out this pic and the next, I only have one coat on all my nails except for my thumb. And that was mainly to see if it got darker with more coats, which it doesn’t. I love me a polish that lasts me a while, and knowing how much I will be wearing this color, having it be a one coater means more bang for my @Rickys_NYC buck! (aka, Ricky’s you rock!) The formula is so easy to apply too.  I totally rate this a “OH MY VARNISH!!” haha.

Small word of warning, have a damp wash cloth near by when doing your clean up. Since it is a dark pigment, it does give you a pseudo stain around the nail as your cleaning (I say pseudo because it’s not a true “stain”, it will wash off, but it’s thinned down dark pigment that looks like you watercolored your cuticles haha). Nature of the beast, not a fault of the polish. You can either wait for a shower, wait and scrub your nails, or do the handy trick I did and just use a damp wash cloth as I was cleaning up with my brush and acetone to remove it while the acetone still has the excess slightly wet. 🙂

For more pics, hit the jump… you know you want to 😉

Using the flash really brought out the teal undertone (and shows how flattering it was on my skintone!) PS, I kinda love my cuticles in this shot haha.

❤ Jess


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