MOB WEEK: Mattese Elite – Whack

I’m kind of (really) excited about the Cosa Nostra collection.  And this is only the second day of our reviewing!  When the rest of the Varnish Clique and I were divvying up the collection to review, I HAD TO HAVE THE PURPLE ONE!  And when I opened it up, it was love at first sight.

The purple one is called Whack.  Of course, in mob speak, when you whack someone, it means to kill them.  So in that sense, yes, this polish is definitely killer 🙂

just LOOK at the purple goodness:

1 coat Poshe basecoat
2 coats Mattese Elite – Whack

It is a seriously nice purple and this is coming from someone that owns a ton of purples.  I had never used a Mattese Elite polish before and was concerned that I’d have a tough time with it… nope!  The color, application, and formula were great.  It covered in just 2 coats, no bald spots.  Also, this is a dark purple, and when you look at it in all lights, it’s still a dark purple.  It’s not nearing black indoors like some dark purple polishes can get.

I enjoy glitterfying dark polishes so I added a little more oomph with my birthday present from Jess (thanks Jess!) Studio M’s Covered in Diamonds:

I love it alone and I love it flakie glittered.  I love Whack! 🙂

Like Mel said, we’re going to Ricky’s in NYC in a couple months and I can’t wait to check out some more Mattese Elite polishes.

You (and I) can purchase Whack as well as the rest of the Cosa Nostra Collection on


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