Sinful Colors – Beverly Hills, Envy, Pink Forever

I’ve seen this concept with so many colors, and done a few myself, and I really like the outcome. There are so many colors schemes to play with; really the main concern in lining up your colors is finish. If you have a glitter, a pearl and a shimmer, it’s gonna look a little whack, but if you have all cremes or all pearls, you can really play with the colors.

I really like all of these colors, howeverrrrr, next time I use Envy, I will probably be thinning it. First coat went on great, second tried to drag around the first layer and made it hard to get a smooth finish (thank the nail gods for Seche Vite!! haha) Envy also dries matte, so keep that in mind when choosing your top coat. Other than that, they are your typical Sinful Colors cremes. Good color, good wear, easy clean up. I made the choice to put the softest color as my middle finger, but you can always go the Britney Spears route of playing up the “eff you” look by making the middle the brightest a la her I Wanna Go video.

Fun, funky and simple… Love these kinds of mani’s!!


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