Revlon – Gum Drops (With a Dash of Glitter)

Dear Revlon, your scented nail polishes are everything I wanted scented nail polishes to be when I was a youngin’…. No, really, I love them. This is one of the 5 that I own (so far) but I think scent and color wise, it’s probably my favorite!

It’s been a stormy couple days and I wanted something that was playful but fit the mood 🙂 Revlon’s Gum Drop is a soft lavender creme and while it needs 3 coats, it’s a good formula. You’re not fighting with streaks and thickness for that 3rd coat, it’s more that it’s thin (possibly a symptom of being scented?) and 3 quick coats are needed. I also didn’t mind because it made the scent stronger haha. I wish I could take a picture of the scent, but believe me, it’s really yummy, but not so strong as to be obnoxious. I kinda felt like my hands went to Candy Land and I wasn’t really mad that all they came back with for me was this nail polish haha. I had been reorganizing my polish collection after my hauls from last week (50+ bottles in one week…. sales are REALLY dangerous stuff….) and happened to placed my NYC – Starry Silver Glitter next to Gum Drops and they looked meant for each other. I loved this combination. SSG is such a unique glitter in my collection, and pairing it with Gum Drops really brought out the best in it.

1 coat Seche Rebuild

3 coats Revlon – Gum Drop

2 coats NYC- Starry Silver Glitter

1 coat Seche Vite

I will say that the larger blue and pink glitters in SSG are less frequnet than you would think looking at the bottle. But they are fairly easy to control where you want them and the formula is nice enough that 2 coats doesn’t make for super thick layers or crazy chunks of glitter. I’m really happy with both of these, and together just made me smile! I even loved it enough that it stayed on for 2 days 😛

❤ Jess


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