Butter London- Mariner (…I think)

I say I think, because I bought this a couple of years ago, and it’s missing the label. But I got it when Haute Look was having one of their clearance sales and they were selling a bunch of colors for $5 a bottle, including this one, Dolly Bird, and Billy No Mates (which I tossed because it was complete crap).

How exciting, our first Butter London review! I will start this post by saying, I’m not the biggest fan of Butter London polishes. I think for $14 for a little bottle, and a VERY hit or miss formula is insane. I would much rather spend my funds on either a bigger bottle of polish, or at the very least, a brand I know is high quality in the sense that I know the formula will be decent when I buy it. That being said, I decided to give this polish a try when I rediscovered it while cleaning out my polish collection. After my traumatic experience with Billy No Mates, I wasn’t expecting much.

I Used:
1 coat Wet N Wild Clear Coat
2 coats BL Mariner

I am so pleased I gave this polish another chance. Because this one is glorious. Mariner looks black, but it’s a deep, dark blue-green. I tried to show this in the pics below. The formula is great. I think their jellies are pretty decent, and it might be only the creams I’ve had an issue with. And now that I’ve learned how to clean up polishes, I’ll definitely be wearing dark colors from now on. And this one will be front and center. I used two coats of Mariner, but it definitely needs three. It’s not visible, but there are a few bald spots on my tips. I also didn’t use a top coat, which is a must with dark colors. Unfortunately, Mariner has been discontinued. Which means you’ll have to take to eBay or amazon to find it. But this polish has restored my faith in Butter London, and so I will be willing to give other shades a try. Assuming, of course, I can find them on sale, since I still think $14 is a stupid amount of money to spend in ONE bottle of nail polish.

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