Nautical Nails – My River Boat Cruise Mani :)

Last night my aunt Nancy and I went on a river boat cruise down the Clinton River, so between my morning baby sitting and getting on the boat, I managed to squeeze in this mani!

I actually managed to pull off this mani in crunch time, which was awesome considering it didn’t get wrecked in me trying to do that haha. Sinful Colors – Ciao Bella was my base and I think I have a new fave navy blue! It’s so pretty and I think even Mel would approve of the fine glitter in it. My one regret from this mani? That I put NK Infinity, which is a fine gold glitter, over top of it all. From the first nail I had a Tim Gunn moment of “ggiirrrlll you need to EDIT! it’s too much!” but since it was a rush job, I couldn’t re-do. It just made the nautical look a little less classic… but the bar tender was jealous of my mani, haha, so maybe it was just me? 😛 (ugh, me saying glitter is too much. Mel, have you started brainwashing me???)

The boat ride was really wonderful 🙂 and I got some awesome sunset pictures (most of which did not include my nails haha) and it was sooo nice to just enjoy the outdoors for a solid 4 hours. I may love my girlie manis, but I’m an outdoorys girl at heart 😉 I will say though that coming back up the Clinton after dark made me feel a little like a creeper… there are a LOT of houses right on the river and at night they end up being fishbowls haha. Hopefully they appreciated it when I waved back with my cute mani though 😛

How to and some pretty pictures after the jump!

❤ Jess

1 coat Seche Rebuild

3 coats Sinful Colors – Ciao Bella

1 coat Seche Vite

Stripes: Sinful Colors – Bad Chick

Anchor: Sinful Colors – Flower Girl

Glitter topcoat over stripes is NK Infinity (dollar store polish haha)


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  1. Love the nail art, LOVE the pictures, great work as always ❤

  2. um, Mel OWNS Ciao Bella. It’s my new blue for USA manis 🙂

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