Revlon – Fire Fox (The Suede Challenge)

I actually did this mani a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been a slacker at getting it written up… Oops haha. Most important thing to start off with in this post? This was my very FIRST suede polish. I had seen them around for a bit, but somehow never managed to pick one up… until I saw this. First thought: OOOHHHH pretty! Second: CAPS COLORRRRR! Third: Hey, it’s a suede, I don’t have any of those, lemme throw it in my grocery cart. (how bad is that? I can’t even stop getting nail polish when I’m out for milk and eggs! :P)

Being my first suede I wanted to make sure I got the full effect… which meant letting this dry sans top coat 😦 Since Seche Vite entered my life, I have NOT been a patient nail polish person haha. But I loved it going on, and loved it even more as it dried, so it made it worth it 🙂 For one the formula is great in both ease and coating of the nail. What really sells it though is the color is just fabulous. It’s a dress up / dress down sort of red that just makes me super happy. And the suede finish gives me so many opportunities with this polish!!

For those that are wondering, “isn’t suede just matte?? use your matte top coat!” …it’s not haha. It’s kind of a shimmer matte hybrid. The pictures just couldn’t quite capture the true beauty of it. You can go the matte top coat route, but it ends up a little duller. You CAN also go the Seche Vite route and you end up reversing some of the matte-esk-ness of the suede and getting the microshimmer in your suede to really POP. (expect a blog on this later!) But, while I toyed with trying these – and did a test nail of both – I really just wanted my true suede finish. I don’t use the quick dry drops or spray, but those mmiigghhtt work to keep the finish… if I end up investing in more suedes, which we know I will haha, then I may have to test them too!

To jazz it up I added a little nail art 🙂 aannddd to jazz it up even further on my 3rd day of wearing it (yes I LOVED it that much that it stayed on 3 days!! and it held up beautifully) I did a quick coat of watermelon fizz over it.

To see these and get my how to, follow the jump!

❤ Jess

For the regular Fire Fox mani:

1 coat Seche – Rebuild

2 coats Revlon – Fire Fox

The flower just gave it that little summery extra 🙂

Flower: Stripe Rite – black, Sally Girl 812157 (hot pink), Sinful Colors – Bad Chick (white), Finger Paints – Hue Left A Message  (glitter over white) and then added Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love topcoat over flower to get the finish to match Fire Fox


Revlon – Watermelon Fizz update:

1 thin coat Revlon – Watermelon Fizz

1 coat Beauty Secrets topcoat


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  1. I really like this color on your skin tone. A lot.

  2. great color, great nail art. I assume you hand drew the flower? really nice.

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