Go Fish!

Superfluous post!!!! haha. So, Tuesday night I was looking through my haul from the day before and Sinful Colors – Love Nails and Nail Junkie kept screaming my name. So was Flower Girl since I was dying to use it to test it out. Well, ladies (and possibly gentlemen…) this is what I came up with haha. To be fair to my ridiculousness, I was babysitting the following day, so it seemed like a cute idea for that too.

Unnfffooorrrttttuuunnnaaattteeeellllyyyy I can’t really review  Love Nails (the base) because I completely lacked the patience necessary to do a quality mani haha. The bubbles (dots of Nail Junkie) and the fish are def hiding some errors! I still like the concept, in an amusing sort of way, so I thought I would post a pic. The mani did it’s job, but wasn’t quite up to blog review quality haha. Expect a legitimate review of both polishes in the near future though 🙂

❤ Jess


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  1. The Nail Junkie for bubbles is such a good idea 🙂

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