Sinful Colors – Unicorn + China Glaze – White Cap = <3

OK so the combination probably equals more like something that resembles a lemon popsicle, but I ❤ the result!

1 coat Poshe antimicrobial (base)
3 coats Sinful Colors – Unicorn
2 coats China Glaze – White Cap
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)

Unicorn caught my eye at the Walgreens sale.  It’s one of those colors that made me think OK I KNOW I’m not going to like this as much as China Glaze – Electric Pineapple, but for $.99, what the hell.. I’m in for one!

And I was correct. For one, it wasn’t the easiest application but it wasn’t the hardest either.  I had to use 3 coats (I strongly dislike using 3 coats of any one color).  And to top it off, there was still some slight bald spots even after 3 coats.   Blah.  So I looked for something I could put over it to sort of distract from the imperfections.   Enter, White Cap!

China Glaze to the rescue! lol.  I love how White Cap makes the yellow look kind of icy, and I couldn’t get enough of it it so I put on 2 coats of it.  And topped it all off with Seche Vite. And I’m still waiting for all the layers to dry 😛  It’s worth it though, I looove this combination.

For anyone interested, I took a picture of Unicorn without White Cap after the jump.

Sinful Colors - Unicorn, 3 coats


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  1. like it with the glitter, hate it without. And I know this would look TERRIBLE on my pasty white skin. So glad I didn’t buy it!!

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