My Name is Melissa, And I Have a Problem

Ever since I left Walgreens on Sunday after hitting the Sinful Colors $.99 sale, I’ve felt a bit off. Like, this put in my stomach, and a nervous energy flowing through my veins. There were about 10 colors I had picked up and put back in the rack. I jotted them down in my “Nail Polish to Buy” running list on my iPhone, and went on my way. I knew I’d be going back to a different Walgreens and I could get them then. But then I was discussing the various colors I wanted with Sandy and Jess and Sandy’s all “what if they’re all sold out by Saturday?!?!” So thanks, Sandy, for putting that thought in my head. This is your fault. As patience is not my virtue, I ended up going back to my local Walgreens today to get the polishes that were on my list. I also grabbed some of the nail art since Jess snagged some of those for $.99 and a few bottles for gifts. After 5 minutes in Walgreens, this is what my basket looked like:

Click the jump to see bottle shots of all my new polishes!

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No lie, I bought Oasis simply because they are my favorite band. There are still a few colors I need to pick up. So I’m still going this weekend. My mother didn’t seem too enthused to find out she’d be spending part of our girls weekend driving me to Walgreens to get some nail polish. But it is right across the street from the epically awesome Goodwill store, so I think she’ll survive. And as it’s pretty quiet and tame at the lake, I’m going to take a bunch of polishes to swatch. Expect a lot (more) action from me!


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  1. Hahhah you’re welcome. You are too funny. I didn’t mean for my comment to drive you nuts. Now I wanna go back for the nail art pens.

  2. DO IT!!! They’re only $.99!!!! I want to try mine out, but then I’d have to redo Capo, which I’m not parting with until tomorrow.

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