COMING SOON: Mob Week Courtesy of @Rickys_NYC

The Ladies at the Varnish Clique had a present waiting for them today. We are really pleased that Ricky’s NYC has sent us the ENTIRE Cosa Nostra line to test and review. We will be having Mob Week shortly in honor of this great line!! Each of us will review 2 polishes each. We’re really excited and hope you are too! Hit the jump for closeup bottle shots!

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  1. Nice shots!! I can’t wait to start swatching 🙂

  2. thanks! I even resized them for you!!

    And I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit jeals of whoever is swatching The Boss.

  3. That would be me 🙂 haha. I’m getting excited about Vig too though! The Boss is one I was craving, but your shot made Vig look even prettier than I expected… next week need to come faster!

  4. Concerning Whack and Vig- both are a little bit darker irl, then in the pics. the flash on my camera alters the color a little bit.

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