Sinful Colors- Forget Now

I love pink. It is by far the most prevalent color in my polish collection. But as someone who is trying to feed a polish addiction on a budget, I have to be super selective about what and when I buy. So when Sinful Colors is on sale for $.99 a pop at Walgreens, that’s a most excellent time to expand the variety of pink in one’s collection. And I’d had my eye on Forget Now for quite some time, so I used the opportunity to snatch the last bottle at my “local” Walgreens.


I used:
1 coat Seche Clear Base
3 coats SC- Forget Now (4 coats on a couple of fingers I nicked)
1 coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Forget now is a fuchsia jelly packed with sliver microglitter. It’s mostly pink, but when the light hits it just so, it’ll flash purple. I absolutely LOVE the color!

Immediately after painting my nails, I decided I hated this polish. Depressing given how much I love the color! Breathing on it caused craters in the polish (slight exaggeration), it’s a really thin formula, and it doesn’t dry very quickly. And since I managed to nick every nail on my right hand DESPITE using the Seche Vite Top Coat of Miracles, I removed it immediately.

Upon further reflection, I decided that this isn’t the polish from hell, it’s just a polish that requires some patience. It’s not a paint and dash polish. Each coat needs some solid time to dry in between the next coat. I’m excited to give this a try again soon. I will be sure to update with a second impression.


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