Sinful Colors – Happy Ending

I was drawn to this polish for the color. I bought it for the name haha. (Yes, my humor is equivalent to that of a teenage school boy, I blame Venture Crew :P) I found it as part of the Sinful Colors “Get Swirling” collection a couple weeks ago and I grabbed it and the white “Bad Chick” nail art color. Eventually I will get around to actually trying their “swirling” directions, but I ADORE this color on it’s own! I’ve worn it about 4 times in the short time I’ve had it haha. It’s bold, it’s green, it’s shimmery, it’s loud, and it’s totally and utterly ME. Like Mel, I plan on hitting up the Walgreen’s sale and on my list is going to be about 3 bottles of back up of Happy Ending… it’s easily a top 5 fave colors of all time for me!

This was the first mani I did with it and the accent nail is Orly Here Comes Trouble.

The formula is amazing and so pretty – 2 coater!! And the shimmery gold tones in it play in different lights. Orly HCT was also a really fabulous glitter.  That pic is 2 coats with no base color. Found it easy to remove too, which is always nice when it comes to glitter.

This is my new go-to color when I want to stand out in a crowd haha. Expect more posts with it worked in! For a couple more pics, follow the jump 🙂

❤ Jess

Tried to pick up a little more of the gold tones

Different lighting, it really is super green!


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