Oh My Melmer!!

As I tweeted yesterday, I went to Michael’s to pick up a melmer because my nail polish drawer was getting out. of. con. trol. Now, this setup is normally $39.99. However, it was tagged wrong ($29.99) AND 40% off, so it ended up being $20 including tax. Not too shabby if you ask me. The drawers are the perfect height for bottles of polish, including Nicole by OPI which I think are a wee bit taller than most. The size is 14.25in W x 14.5in D x 14.25in H. Like every other polish site that’s reviewed Melmers, you will definitely needs to put a non-slip drawer liner so the bottle dont clank and clash. You can get drawer liner at the dollar store. I opened and closed the drawers several times and my polishes did not move. The best part about finally giving in and buying a melmer is that I’ve finally freed up a ton of room in the trundle drawer in my bathroom vanity!!!

Click the jump to see the contents of my melmer and a sneak peek at my entire polish collection!

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