Vamos United Mani- Color Club Smash Hit & Essie Russian Roulette

One of my favorite ways to show support for my teams is to paint my nails. Sandy’s already done a Raven’s related mani, and now I’m doing a DC United related manicure. And I really like how it turned out!

Please disregard that the red portion of this manicure has a "can't color inside the lines" quality about it.

I used:
1 coat Seche base coat
2 coats Essie Russian Roulette
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat
1 coat of Color Club Smash Hit Crackle
1 coat of Seche Vite Top Coat

The first thing that’s really obvious with this manicure? I really need to moisturize. My cuticles and surrounding nail beds are looking ROUGH. And this makes removing polish from your skin really difficult. I also need to take more care when using RR. It’s a wee but thin, so it’s a little more unruly when applying.

That being said, I absolutely love this look. The great thing about crackle is that you can have small imperfections in your base color because they will be disguised by the crackle. And the great thing about black crackle is it can be used over any color! I really want to try it over a pink. And the great thing about Color Club crackle is that it’s LESS THAN $5!!! I will admit that I was hoping for more of an OPIesque brick-like crackle, but I really quite like the streaky crackle as well. The formula is solid, so the red only shows through the cracks, and the black portions are solid black.

An added bonus to black crackle is that its let me see what a black manicure would look like. I’m lusting after Essie Licorice (it’s on my stocking stuffer list) but I’ve been worried about how black would look on me. I think as long as I have a good top coat, it’ll be okay!


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