“I carried a Watermelon” (Revlon – Watermelon Fizz)

This week has been a kind of rough one for me so I decided I needed a “perk me up” mani that would help spread the cheeriness. I’ve had Revlon’s Watermelon Fizz in my possession for a couple weeks, so I decided to try it out and, well, go all out haha.

1 coat Orly Nailtrition

1 coat Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

2 coats Revlon Watermelon Fizz (2nd coat added mainly to increase scent haha)

freehanded tips Maybelline Go Go Green

dots Stripe Rite black

1 coat Seche Vite

It was fun, festive, and super summery 🙂 The ladies in the chemo room loved it! One actually asked if I was a professionally trained manicurist, which I responded with “my lines would be a lot neater if I was!! I just tinker because I’m addicted” but it was a nice compliment. (And even funnier because the MA who has been training me WAS  a beautician in a former life haha. The look on her face was priceless.) One girl even sniffed my hand to smell the Watermelon scent. Which btw, it a nice smell, but not as strong as I had been hoping. You kinda had to be basically picking your nose to smell it… which is just kinda awkward haha. (I did warn the girl her nose had to get all up close and personal with my nails to smell it, and she asked if she could anyway. Okay, it was way less creepy in person than how it sounds blogging about it!!) I loved this mani so much that it actually stayed on for 2.5 days. Really the only reason it came off was because I was doing stuff with the dogs and managed to take a chunk off on my thumb 😦

All of the polishes had great formulas. Watermelon Fizz is a little on the see through side, but it works fantastic over a base. The green tips are just one thick coat! I’ve also been using the nailtrition as my base coat since I picked it up last weekend, and I have to say I’m impressed. I really like the concept of it being slightly colored so that you could use just it on a non-nail polish day (like I have any of those! ha!) It makes it just a little more versatile than your average base coat. My main problem is the price of the regular bottle, getting my mini on clearance was nice, but if I wanted to stay with it, it’s on the pricey end. It’s working nicely to strengthen my nails and as a base coat under a variety of polish formulas. Also, application is really nice… I may have to suck it up for a big bottle once my mini runs out. I think I’ll start praying now for a Sally’s sale! haha.

Hope everyone is enjoying these last bits of summer! It feels like it’s gone far too quick, as usual 🙂

❤ Jess


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