I Was Finally Corrupted… Essie – Demure Vixen

Am I the only one who goes out to go to ONE store, has a little too much of a high going from the success there and ends up going to 4 other unplanned stores on a mini shopping spree? I really hope so, haha. I don’t want to be the only crazy. (Can we call it a public service? Mayhaps the stock price on nail polish went up a smidge while everything else was falling? haha)

Acetone and pump from Sally’s (acetone is on sale! but get the better pump. This one stinks I have to go back for the one with the metal lid :/) Orly nailtrition mini I got on clearance there toooo 🙂 #score! Essie Demure Vixen, Wet ‘n Wild Rustic and Sleep-Walker were my $3 off $10 coupon purchase at Rite Aid. Essie Secret Story (and a couple Dove products for my hair) were my excuse for getting that silly CVS glam camp make-up bag for my cousin. And the lap table thing and cotton pads were from 5&Below. I’ve had the table for like 4 days and it’s already changed my life haha. Seems dorky, but in my limited living space it really helps give me a flat place to do my nails and the storage on the side works great for my nail stuff. And it has a drink holder! haha

Sandy’s post on Demure Vixen made me want it super bad, so when I saw the coupon, I knew it would be mine. And that it would make a perfect choice for my FIRST Essie. Yup, that’s right. I’ve fought against the urge to buy $8 polish for a while now haha. But, with two in my collection now, I feel a little more well rounded (or at least that’s how I’m justifying it… plus coupon! hellooooo hahaha)

I updated it a bit with Ulta’s Pinata Yada Yada over it, because we all know how much I LOVE that polish, and it seemed like a good fun Monday mani. Needless to say I LOVED DV, I couldn’t stop looking at it in different lights haha. I may need to invest in multiple bottles… better get to coupon clipping! 😛



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