Plan B(altimore) – an experiment and it’s stand in

Last night was one of those nights where the addict and the lover are pulling two ends of a rope and trying to land the other face first in the mud. My mani from the day before was still gorgeous, but my nails are part of my nightly routine, and not doing them, well, throws off my routine.

SO, it became a go big or go home kind of night… and I ended up doing both haha.

I started out with these crazy materials….

China Glaze – Avalanche / Funny Faces (5below) purple glitter

and ended up with this….

It was GORGEOUS. And is destined to be my future Ravens mani when Sandy sucks me in (sorry Mel, ya got me into the Caps, but ehhh Redskins? going w/ the Ravens :P) butttt, that took a lot of patience and time to not eff up the glitter or color, which I didn’t have on a work night. Sooo how to on THAT is something to look forward to on another day 🙂

So, in a last minute call, aka a “holy crap it’s 12:20!!” call, I switched over to this…

the purple is Fresh Paints – Blackberry Smoothie, the black is Wet ‘n Wild – Ebony Hates  Chris (which is pretty much my favorite black formula ever, btw) and the glitter is this REALLY pretty fine gold glitter no-name polish I picked up at a dollar store.

1 coat Seche Rebuild

2 coats color (see above)

1 coat glitter

1 coat Seche Vita

Probably would do something cooler with the black if I had time, but it’s not a bad mani. Black is a little standoutish as is; the glitter unifying it all helped make it look more put together. Good to know I have some good Ravens mani’s in my arsenal for fall though!



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