I heart holos: Color Club – Fashion Addict

1 coat Poshe Antimicrobial (basecoat)
2 coats Color Club – Fashion Addict
1 coat Poshe (top coat)

I lust after those Nfu-Oh and hard to find China Glaze holos, but who knew I already had this beauty in my Helmer?  Jess spotted this online and told me about it, and I’m like, waitaminute, I HAVE THAT!! but never tried it!  So I put it on today and wow.  I mean, indoors the holo barely shows, but outside in the sun? it’s a show stopper…


I honestly wish my camera could capture the real holo goodness of this polish but I’ve taken like 20 pics and none of them do it as much justice.  But trust me, it’s so pretty in real life under the sun.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it indoors too.  It’s a shimmery light lavender, and you know me, I love anything purple.  You might get away with it in a laid-back office setting just as long as there aren’t sun-like lights in your office but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it an office friendly polish.

sigh, so I love this but I’m afraid it is just going to be the gateway drug to more holo polishes.


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  1. See, I knew you posting it would make me want it. It’s now down on my “must have” list haha.

  2. sheeeeeeeit, mine too.

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