China Glaze- Secret Peri-wink-le


LOOK!!! I DID NAIL ART!!!!  I mean, it’s not as impressive as Sandy and Jess’, but it’s still nail art. I’ve spent the past week and a half or so worrying about how Im going to do stars on my fingers for my USA mani tomorrow. And I happened to find stencils at my local Rite Aid. I decided to test out the heart since I was going to a wedding reception this weekend. Even my BBF (best boy friend) thought it was “cute.” And it worked out really well! I got so many compliments.

Here’s What I Used:

1 coat Seche Base
3 coats ChG Secret Peri-wink-le
1 coat Seche Fast Dry Top Coat
1 Crayola Stick on Nail Stencil
1 “coat” of ChG White on White
1 more coat of Sech Fast Dry Top Coat

For this mani I did my traditional base-3 coats color-top coat. This picture doesn’t do the periwinkle justice. I absolutely love it. It’s not very glossy and bright, so it’s a decent color to use with a design.  The formula is excellent, and this may tie For Audrey for my favorite ChG color.

The nail stencil bit was seriously the easiest thing I’ve ever done. The stencil itself has a slight stickiness to hold it in place. Then I just added a dollop of ChG White on White and let it dry. Then you remove the stencil and WAHLAH! I then added another coat of the Seche Top Coat for protection. What great about this I can do it left-handed. I’m not one of those super cool ambidextrous people.

I loved this mani so much I kept it on for 4 days, which must be some sort of record. Best of all, it didn’t chip. Full disclosure: I redid my right index finger due to some user error smudging. But still, I can definitely see this color, and this manicure (with a variety of stencils), getting major usage.


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  1. I love this color on you and the nail art is nice too!

    Also, i really like the pictures where you hold the bottom to show the name of the polish.

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