(I’m a) Silvivor- Wet N Wild

Don’t lie. When you heard the name of this polish, you started, at the very least, humming Destiny’s Child’s Survivor. Maybe even threw in a fist pump like Beyoncé?

I first saw this color on The Daily Varnish a few weeks ago. It immediately went on to my wish list. Then it went into my Rite Aide basket when I went in a spree last weekend. I’d been wanting to use it since it’s been in my possession, so Tuesday night, while watching America’s Got Talent, I finally tried it out!

I used:
1 coat Seche Base Coat
2 coats WnW Silvivor
1 coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

So, here’s the dilemma. LOVE the color, not a fan of the formula. It’s really thin, so it’s very easy to get too much on your brush and have it run all over your fivers and pool in the crevices of your nails. And the first coat barely covers the nail. It’s practically transparent. Then, with the second coat, it’s a whole different animal! It covers completely and throughly. However, if you look at it it some really intense light, you may find some thin spots. It’s my recommendation that if you are using this color only for your manicure, you should use 3 coats. In the two days I’ve had it on, it hasn’t chipped. However, it is a bit unforgiving in showing nail imperfections, such as the divot in my right middle finger nail. If you have a fancypants ridge filler, use it. Still, I felt like a disco diva wearing it, and it will definitely go into my “Favorite Polish” bag.

Then last night, I decided to add a coat of my Mattese Elite Crackalacquer to give it an update without taking the time to do a full manicure. Mostly because I wanted to wear it to work. I really love it. Even more so than over the white. I did the crackle over the top coat, which I think may have helped it crackle better. Then I just added another layer of the top coat to give it a shine. This is optional since Crackle dries matte. The great thing about crackle is it does an excellent job disguising any chips. It does, however, lead to an “OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR TO WORK TODAY” fashion panic at 5:30am.


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