okay, tecchhhnniiicccaaalllyyy it’s my second. But really, all I did with my first one was tweak a color haha. This color, is all me baby. (why that sentence needed a baby, I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll roll with it :P)

So, without further adieu, I give you QUINCEANERA!!!

Remember how I was super sad about my Sinful Color’s Beautiful Girl? Well, I ended up mixing it with, no lie, 16 other polishes haha. 3 of which were my DL happy birthday dupes (hence the name) and most of which were glitter or shimmer. I’m really REALLY happy with it! Up close it’s so fun, butttt from a distance it could actually pass as modest/professional!

The pink ended up more muted and a little dustier, so it looks much better on my skintone, and the glitter makes me smile (like always haha). I’m actually sending a mini bottle to Sandy as a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY present!! (queue a horrible rendition of the birthday song lol). I’m also sending her a surprise franken 😉 but I’m keeping mum on that color until she gets it!

Needless to say, I LOVE FRANKENING! I’m probably going to be very sad when I run out of this, being my first legitimate one and being such a success. Guess I’ll just have to create more that I love to ease the pain… haha.



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  1. Love this, great Franken and name :).

  2. love this!!! It appears to be a bit grainy. Is that just photo angle, or a consistency thing?

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