Weekend Paydirt

I went up to the lake trailer with my mom this weekend. That meant new Walgreen’s and Walmarts the check out for nail polish!!! I didn’t pick up anything at Walgreen’s, but I did pick up some stuff from Walmart. And, of course, I couldn’t stay out of Sally’s this weekend either.

From L-R we have: WNW Burgundy Frost (for Redskins season, HAIL!!!), WNW Tropicalia, WNW Lavender Creme, ChG Innocence, ChG Up All Night, Sally Girl 812011, and an ASP nail buffer.

Now, I’m not one of those people who wears dark colors in the summer unless a situation calls for it. But I’ve been drawn to Up All Night for quite some time. And I wasn’t sure if it was part of ChG’s core line or not. So I bought it while I could. I still won’t wear it until fall/winter. Also, Lavender Creme looks pretty pink to me. I also have no idea when I’m going to use the SG 812011 since it’s a purple and blue glitter. Ive currently got Innocence on my nails, and did a test run with Tropicalia this weekend. Expect reviews on those shortly!

Also, my the Matisse Elite Crackalaqceaur Polish that I won from Ricky’s NYC last week arrived. They are a great place to pick up polish, and makeup in general. So, follow them!!! And expect that review coming up soon as well!


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I am awesomesauce. Just ask anyone who's met me.

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  1. Melissa, I am so so proud of you. Up All Night! (Which i actually don’t have!!) Glitter! Who are you!?!

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