Nailgasm…. Ebony Diamonds!!

I am never taking this mani off. And that’s a pretty powerful statement coming from this big of an addict, haha. I’ve been envying swatches of flakies over darks for a while, this lived up to my expectations and then some πŸ˜€Β  I love it! Other than that I’m gonna let it speak for itself!

1 coat Seche Repair

1 Coat Seche Clear (wanted to be SURE to prevent staining haha)

2 coats Wet ‘N Wild Ebony Hates Chris (still think the name is ridiculous, but loved the polish. Good formula, and shiny in it’s own right which is rare for a black. Dries quick too!)

1 coat Studio M Covered in Diamonds (bought this flakie about 2 months ago and have loved it since first try. This mani however brought it to new heights, and I fell in love with it all over again!!!)

1 coat Beauty Secrets (I *gasp* deviated from Seche Vita for a moment. I was actually impressed with how quick it set Diamonds, considering it’s a pretty thick polish. It is, however, a very thin topcoat. Would work great for flat colors, but with glitter…)

1 coat Seche Vita (I have the dredges left in my old bottle and it came in perfect for smoothing over the flakies. )



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  1. That’s only 1 coat of Diamonds? Looks amazing! I bet you couldn’t stop staring at your nails πŸ™‚

  2. The non glitter lover here LOVES this mani. Mostly because it looks like stained glass, not glitter.

    Also, please note that all the WnW color in that line are plays on TV shows.

  3. I was thinking more along the lines of the name being slightly un-pc as a concept, not the fact that it was a play on a tv show.

    And it’s not glitter, it’s flakies!! And I love flakies almost as much as I love glitter.

    BTW, this is the polish you turned down when I offered to buy it for you πŸ™‚

    Any yes, Sandy, ONE COAT! This bottle is gonna last me forreevverrrr πŸ˜€ so many diamond manis in my future haha!

    • CLEARLY I did not realize you could do something awesome with this flaky thing. Clearly. I’ll take a bottle πŸ˜› maybe we can share lists and pick up bottles as we go. I’m hitting up all the convenience stores in deep creek lake to look for some colors!

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