I was quirius… Quirius – Cresskill Eve

After a trip to a Sally’s across town (where I surprisingly got nothing) I noticed a random beauty supply store in the same shopping center.  They sold wigs, hair care, and NAIL POLISH!!

They carried OPI, Color Club and some other random brands but what caught my attention was the $1 nail polish bin in the front of the store.  Nail polish for $1?  I don’t care what kind it is, I’m gonna take a look!  My first instinct was to find good colors for frankening.  (If you don’t know, frankening is just the mixing of different polishes to get a unique color that you want or a dupe of a color you want)  Since frankening can be a messy hit or miss experiment, it’s best to do it with cheap nail polish.

Back to the $1 bin, which had tons of polish.  No salon brand polishes of course, but brands like Quirius, NYX, and Ruby Kisses.  Yeah, I had never really heard of them either.  Nonetheless, I got a few of them (I couldn’t resist) and one in particular piqued my quiriusity (ha ha):  Quirius – Cresskill Eve.

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats Quirius Cresskill Eve
1 coat ChG Fairy Dust (accent finger)
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)

It’s lovely!  It’s a dark olive green that turns  gold when the light hits it right.  I love these duochromey type  nail polishes.  The application, wear, etc I had zero issues with.  The Quirius name and logo remind me of Harry Potter for some reason, though I’ve never actually read the books or seen the movies.  I was honestly really sad to take it off but I just have so many untried polishes!

Not bad for $1…


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  1. Have you gotten used to the Squoval shape yet? I have fairly square nails, but this is because if the grow much longer than what you see in pics, they tend to break. Plus, oval looks wrong on my fingers.

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