ESSIE- Nice is Nice


I’ll be honest with you. I wouldn’t have bought this color if it wasn’t on clearance for $5 at Target over the weekend. A) My weeklong vacation to Nice, France back in 2008 wasn’t my favorite and B) I have mixed feelings about purple polish. It’s one of my favorite colors, especially lavender. But I generally am not a fan of it on my fingers, and this color would be too light for my toes. But as it was on sale, I figured what the heck?!

I used:
A dose of ChG Peppermint Cuticle Oil
1 coat Seche Base
3 coats Essie Nice is Nice
2 coats ChG Fairy Dust on ring fingers
1 coat Seche Fast Dry Top Coat

First of all, THIS is how you do a glitter accent! I think it looks great, and the fine glitter is nicely set off by the purple.

Overall, I like this color and formula, even though it’s not the best manicure I’ve ever done. I had to do the entire thing in about 20 minutes, PLUS I royally messed up my left index finger and had to start over. I wasn’t painting carefully, and just in a hurry. If you look closely you can tell where the top coat of purple ends, and the middle coat begins. And I have several air bubbles. Just a mess in general. I also think it would look better if I were a bit tanner than my current sunburnt ghost skin tone I have going on. All that being said, the formula applied really well, even when I was painting over just painted sections of my nail, and painting over semi-dried coats. It is chipping a lot, but I think that is due to not applying my top coat carefully. I’ve received a lot of compliments on this manicure so I’ll definitely try it again. It will go great with several special occasion dresses I have!


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  1. What do you mean by “THIS is how you do a glitter accent” ?? haha, I actually had fairy dust on my accent ring finger this week too.

    Also, i LOVE how you left the Target clearance sticker on the bottle!! Love the color tooo…

    • versus glitter on every finger. i feel like a walking disco ball.

      and i left the sticker on the bottle because i forgot to remove it BEFORE doing my nails.

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