China Glaze- Rose Among Thorns

Seriously, I love summer. I love bright, need your shades to look directly at my fingers and toes, neon polish. Even though I only wear it on my toes most of the time. I work for The Government, and have had several embarrassing situations where I’ve been called into emergency meetings with high level officials with outrageous nails. It’s just not that professional. But that doesn’t stop me from wearing it on the weekends!!

What I used:
1 coat Seche base coat
2 coats ChG A Rose Among Thorns
1 coat Seche fast dry top coat
2 coats ChG Fairy Dust (added a day later)

I LOVE THIS COLOR. It dries matte, so you definitely need a top coat if you want it to look finished. And it really needs 3 coats, because if you look closely, you can see that I have a visible nail line. But the formula is great, and it goes on nice and even. And, because it’s matte, it dries on its own fairly quickly. I also like this color much better than Flip Flop Fantasy. It’s a darker pink, and prettier to look at. ARMT also didn’t chip nearly as fast as FFF, but I am finding with ChG neons that they do chip at a faster rate than other polishes in the ChG line. Even with a solid top coat.

As I went to Sally’s after I did this manicure, I added 2 coats of Fairy Dust the next morning. I know that Jess and Sandy LOOOOOOOOVE them some glitter, but I generally find it to be annoying and, most of the time, fairly tacky looking. However, that doesnt mean that it isn’t pretty when done right. Because you have to make mistakes to learn from them, I added Fairy Dust to my ENTIRE manicure. And while it didn’t look turrabil, IMO, it did ruin the effect a little bit. It definitely dulled the neoness of the mani. And it took 30 minutes to remove all the polish versus 10 minutes. AND it was messy. All that being said, I do like Fairy Dust, and it will definitely make frequent appearances in my manicures.


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