My Weekend Haul

I had an amazing weekend.  On Saturday, we went to the huge antique flea market at Dulles Expo Center with a couple of our friends (who are huge into antiques).  We were looking for an antique chest but didn’t find any we really liked.  Sad, but it was fun looking at all the old stuff and hilarious when our friends spent hundreds of dollars on various knick-knacks.

Afterwards, my boyfriend and I embarked on what I call “Drugstore Tour” where I go to various drugstores in the area looking for polish:)  We also checked out a mall that had some polish too.  This is all me, btw, my boyfriend just deals with it because he loves me a lot.

But here’s what I got:

From left to right:
1. Sinful Colors – Call You Later: A green and gold glitter.  I love Sinful glitters and this was a serious impulse buy.  It looks so nice in the bottle and I do love glitter so I think I’ll like this a lot.
2. Essie – Super Bossa Nova: Another impulse. Such a pretty magenta!!
3-5. China Glaze 3 pack – Phat Santa, Jolly Holly, and Party Hearty: This is the collection I’m most excited about.  They came in a 3 pack for 15 dollars making each one $5.  The one I wanted most was Party Hearty, a red, gold, and silver glitter. Very Christmas, very amazing!!  I’m sooo stoked because it’s sooo hard to find PH and I got super lucky to find it.  I didn’t mind getting Phat Santa and Jolly Holly along with it because who doesn’t need another red and/or green?  I’ll never complain about getting China Glaze. 🙂
6. Wet N Wild – Sea Witch: another impulse buy because I couldn’t find WnW- Waves of Enchantment and I needed something to make me feel better about it. lol  It’s a dark purple so I couldn’t go wrong.


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  1. I almost picked up Sea Witch at CVS today, but it’s soooooooooooo similar to Buffy The Violet Slayer that I put it back.

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