Piet Mondrian – Square Composition 1922-25

Of all the DC art museums (that I have been to, of course), The Phillips Collection is by far my favorite. I mayyy be a wee bit biased since they have a an entire Rothko room as part of their permanent collection and that Rothko himself helped create the space, but that’s another story for another day.

This past June I returned to my lovely home of MD for the first time in 6 months and scheduled myself a day in DC where the Phillips Collection was high on my MUST SEE priority list (as was the Lego display at the National Building Museum GO SEE IT BEFORE IT LEAVES IN SEPTEMBER!!) Walking in the Phillips, a Mondrian caught my eye and I had to chuckle since he is a favorite of a friend of mine. I ended up buying post cards of the piece in the gift shop on my way out, and here is where I tie this all back into nails haha.

About 2 weeks after I got back to the exotic location I currently call my residence (aka Michigan) I was putting away the postcard and had a brilliant idea…. Mondrian would make for FABULOUS  nail art!

As my friend so kindly put it, it ended up “high art” 😉 To see how I did it (and decide if you have the patience to try) continue reading below!

❤ Jess

To start with, this was my inspiration:

From there it was a matter of choosing colors. I went with Snow Bunny by Maybelline Express Finish as my base, Studio M’s Neon Caution as my yellow, Ruby Ruby from Sinful Colors as my red and Blue Me Away in Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear collection as my blue. For the lines I went with Stripe Rite’s black mainly for the ease of the brush.

I did my Seche Rebuild basecoat and 2 layers of Snow Bunny followed by Seche Vita topcoat to seal it all. I didn’t want a half dry base color to mess up my design, so I made sure to let it fully set before I went on.

Next I randomly painted patches of the colors on my nails.

I tried to keep them fairly squared, but the black lines cover up the edges of the color, so you have some room for error. I let these set for a while on their own before I started the black lines.

I used his concept as a template for how the boxes should fit together, but also went with where I had put my colors and how my nail gave me room / arched in order to get the lines crisp.

I’ll admit it got a little messy and I made some mistakes, but with a bit of patience (and the fact that I was camping and had little else I needed to do) I ended up with a result I really liked!!

Hope you all love it as much as I did!!!

❤ Jess


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