My Favorite Nude… Is Out of My Element

When the group topic of favorite nudes came up, I quite honestly balked at the idea – I wasn’t even sure I OWNED anything thing that could qualify let alone had a favorite. Since “the dog ate my blog post” isn’t really an acceptable excuse, I decided to at least see what I had to work with.

Surprisingly I found one; somewhere along the way I had picked up Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in “Shall We Dance”.

Application was a bit tricky since my previous mani’s this week had left a few stained spots and if not coated thick enough, this polish is a little see through. I ended up with a 4 coater, but didn’t hate the results. It’s a rather balmy light pink, but it was a little NQR on me. (That’s “not quite right” and my mother’s favorite abbreviation for those that don’t know haha) To style it a little more my own but still stay in the nudes theme I added 1 super thick coat of Sally Girl 812028 on my ring finger. Good news is, even with all these coats, Seche Vita dried it up in a reasonable time 🙂

Turns out the expected for most people is unexpected on me, and the concept kinda started to win me over….

I didn’t get the comments I usually do, but when I looked down at my hands, it was almost refreshing to see a different (and more forgiving) color on my nails.  With this in mind, and some nudging from Sandy, I have decided to embark on my first Varnish Clique quest: to FIND my favorite nude. Being the crazy color and glitter lover that I am, I’ll probably be hitting up Mel and Sandy for some starter colors since their collections are a little more stocked with them haha. Who knows, maybe nudes will start to rival glitters in my collection one day… (but I wouldn’t place any bets on it! :P)

❤ Jess


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