And I didn’t even get what I went for…

One word comes to mind when I go out looking for nail polish: Danger. I can never get jusssttt one and if coupons were involved, it’s even worse. Who DOESN’T go on a shopping spree with 15% off at Sally’s?? Plus CVS decided to give me about $12 in savings too, so last night, ooohhh I had fun haha.

I went out with a mission: Use my $3 off 2 Sally Hansen products at CVS and find Space Cadet by Orly at Sally’s. Unfortunately, Sally’s failed me on the SC front…. so instead I went for their buy 5 get 1 free deal on Sally Girls.

Now, I know Sandy teases me about my “gotta catch ’em all” fascination with Sally Girls, but I really do love them. Their size, price, colors and formula just work for me. And do kinda want to own them all… yes, I am aware I have issues hahaha.

So to add to my collection I got 812045 (a kind of sparkly red orange) 812014 (a forest green with some shimmer) 812070 (a chunky gold glitter) 812015 ( think waves of enchantment if the gold was pearlescent  instead of glitter) 812028 (a light pink glitter – it’ll be in my nudes post for tomorrow! and yes, that is what she said haha) and a color I would not typically go for but decided to be adventurous with 812165 (a pale green apple color).

CVS ended up being a rather random haul. I knew I wanted the cuticle pen because I’m obsessed with the one I have and wanted a 2nd. The silver (Celeb City) won out over a black, which is on my list but this looked more fun and useful in summer. Then I ran into the Milani display and decided that I needed a solid color to see if I loved it as much as their glitters and fell in love with Fresh Teal…… which leaves me with my mysterious mini bottle of Orly Truly Tangerine. It was the only one I saw in the store that size and the sales clerk couldn’t find a price so he, uh, gave it to me at a great discount. (ENABLERS ARE EVERYWHERE lol) If someone knows the secret to finding these mini bottles clue me in because I find them adorable haha.

All in all a satisfying episode of retail therapy.  Definitely gave me some good colors for future posts, so look out for those! And keep me out of stores that sell nail polish… it’s, as I said before, dangerous 😉

❤ Jess


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  1. Why do you have to mention Waves of Enchantment? Low blow… 🙂

  2. Because I wanted to tell you that it could be a knock off / temporary substitution! haha

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