Wet N Wild Fast Dry- Saved By The Blue


Yes. Me of the pinks and reds and nudes on the hands went obnoxiously blue this past weekend. In addition to being a hockey fan, I’m also a soccer fan. Since I went to a massive event for the USA Women’s World Cup Final match, I needed to have some patriotic finger nails.

I used:
1 coat Seche Vite Base coat (can’t have smurf fingers!)
3 coats of WnW Saved By The Blue
1 coat Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat
I LOVED this manicure, and I was actually a little sad to take it off after the game was over. But this manicure wouldn’t really work at my job. And I’m a bit of a nail polish snob and I dont think I’ve bought ANY WnW nail polish since I was 12. But for a polish that will only be worn for USA sporting events, $1.99 was about all I was willing to spend. BUT I LOVE IT!!!! The application was smooth, and it did dry really quick even without the top coat. It’s also one of the few polishes I own that doesn’t bleed onto my fingers. The brush is a bit odd, but once I got used to it, I really liked it. Enough that I may buy a few other colors. I mean, they are only $1.99!! (AT WALGREENS/RITE AID) This color will be making an appearance again soon when I attempt to do my own USA flag manicure for the USA v. Mexico soccer match in Philly next month.

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