My Favorite Nude: ESSIE- Mademoiselle


To build on Sandy’s My Favorite Nude post from earlier today, I thought this can be our first Varnish Clique theme!!

I used:
3 coats ESSIE Mademoiselle

I’m pretty sure I talked about Essie’s Mademoiselle for 3 days straight after the first time I wore it. It’s amazing. It’s one of Essie’s better formulas, and goes on smooth. Luckily, as a nude, it’s very forgiving when it comes to dings and chips. I didn’t even realize I had chipped it until I was inspecting my finger very closely.

As you can see from my (admittedly turrabil) picture, there is a visible nail line. But that’s ok. The point of this polish is to give a little shimmer and even out the color of your nail. Its great for a break from bold and bright colors, or for dressy occassions. As I told my co-worker, it’s my Oscars nail polish. As in, it’s what I’ll wear to accept my Best Actress Oscar one day 🙂



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