A Patriotic Premise

Technically this manicure was my 4th of July creation, but I feel like it’s adaptable enough to not be dated, haha. The idea actually came about because, well, my first crackle was a China Glaze metallic shatter. And it just didn’t crack like the pictures of the black and other colors I had seen online. In an attempt to still be happy with my purchase, I decided I would make it the blue in my “red white and blue” for the 4th and that I would basically do a fade of red into the white and blue into the red. Turned out a little more stark than a true fade, but I still love the concept. And I adore China Glaze Rainbow. It’s probably one of the colors in my collection that makes me the most happy because of all the ways I can use it and how pretty it is. a white named rainbow… could it be any more perfect for me? haha.

For as simple as this was and for as many compliments I got on it, I’m really pleased with this idea and will probably tweak it for other colors and moods in the future!

How to after the jump! ❤ Jess

1 coat Seche Clear basecoat + 2 coats China Glaze :Rainbow + 1 coat Seche Vita over the full nail

Vertical lines of Mary Kay Signature: Red Hot (old polish lol, but still a handy red!) staggered to about the 1/2 way point of the nail  + 1 coat China Glaze: Oxidized Aqua over the red pattern leaving a thin border of red at the bottom + one coat Seche Vita

Side note: I use so much Seche Vita in my nail art… It’s ridiculous!


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