China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy

So Bright Ya Need Shades!!

IT’S SUUUUUUUMMMMMMEEEEERRRRRRR and that means neon nail polish!!!!  I love wearing neon polish on my toes, but I dont really do it on my fingers too often, unless I’m going on vacation. But I absolutely loved this color when I did my swipe test in Sally’s Beauty Supply on a Friday night.

I used:

1 coat Seche Clear Base Coat
3 coats CG Flip Flop Fantasy
1 coat Sally Hansen Acrylic Top Coat

It’s a hot pink cream, and it dries semi-matte, so it definitely requires a top coat. But you guuuuuuuuuuuuuuys. I was so disappointed. I love the color but the formula and application were horrendous. It’s really difficult to get the right amount on your brush to get an even, full coverage. And then, because the coat is so uneven, half your nail dries and the other half is still wet, making it really easy to gauge the polish. Then, it’s all I can stare at. I’m quite vain in that way. And I suspect this MAY have been my top coat, but I hadn’t had this polish on for more than a day before it started seriously chipping. No me gusta!

It’s possible that this will turn out better if you have the time to really carefully paint your nails, and let each coat dry fully before applying the next coat. It’s definitely not a paint and go polish. I think I stick to keeping this color on my toesies 🙂


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  1. That is seriously bright, haha i like your watermark!

    nice review!

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