A Word on Obsession: GLITTER

I make no apologies for my polish obsession… except maybe to my bank account (which I’d like to think gets some sort of amusement at seeing how many times in one week I’ll visit my usual nail polish dealers haha). I also make no apologies for my love of glitter nail polish. When it comes to my nails, the more glitter I can cram on them, THE BETTER. Think of the amount of glitter Ke$sha uses on her entire body and condense it down onto my nails and that’s pretty much my ideal polish. That being said, at least one bottle out of every haul has some kind of tiny sparkly stuff in it….

Today’s included Ulta’s Pinata-Yada-Yada. Now, since this is a new blog, you don’t know that I already own Milani Gems. Aka a fellow dupe of Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday. >Queue the “Hi my name is Jessica…” line.< To the average person they actually would look exactly alike. And pretty much the only reason I noticed a slight coloring difference when I grabbed the Ulta bottle was because I’m an addict and needed to justify getting it haha. PYY’s glitter is a little more vibrant in my opinion, though Gems is still fantastic. When I tried PYY over my current mani of Nicole by OPI’s Jade in the Shade is when I really noticed a difference and was glad I could justify having both. PYY is a clear nail polish with glitter in it. Gems is glitter with a little bit of binding nail polish. I’ll have to play with both a while (like that will be a problem!) but my current reaction is this: Gems is fabulous when you want a solid glitter nail – 3 coats and glitter is all you see. PYY however is a better formula to use as an accent glitter and also dries smoother since it has more polish in it.

I’m LOVING my PYY over JitS mash up. It reminds me a lot of funfetti, and what can be wrong with anything funfetti-esque?

1 coat Seche Clear basecoat + 2 coats Jade in the Shade + 1 coat Seche Vita + 1 coat Pinata-Yada-Yada (didn’t use another coat of SV because I found PYY to dry amazingly fast, but for safety’s sake probably would in the future)

But my Sinful Colors Mint Apple with a Milani Gems ring finger a couple days ago rocked too. 1 coat Seche Restore basecoat + 3 coats MA / 3 coats Gems + 1 coat Seche Vita

Basically, I love them both. And, like Sandy, I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up with the whole dupe collection haha.

PS: I know, I need to post better quality pics. I’ll get on it when I find my camera cord. I think Gambit hid it from me… lol.

PPS: yyaaayyy first post! Water marbling, Piet Mondrian and patriotic posts coming sooon!

❤ Jess


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